Mosquito Enter The Multilayer Stainless Steel Dust Proof Net Fiberglass PVC magnetic Window Screen

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PVC Strip Curtain DIY adjustable Window Screen Mesh Magnetic Fiberglass Insect Screens Invisible Anti Mosquito Net

Product Description

PVC Frame Magnetic Window Screen keeps bugs off, let fresh air in. 

New design makes our life more comfortable and easier.

* The fly screen will allow fresh air in while keeping out flies, wasps, bees and mosquitoes * It is suitable for use on windows in the home or office with the window mesh the window net is ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, parlour and conservatories. * Free splicing into the size you need, DIY and convenient for any window. * Easy to use, easy to take apart and wash. * Just take down the screen window directly for cleaning.

* Mosquito net for windows with magnetic frame in customized sizes against unwanted mosquitoes.
* The magnetic frame can be shortened both in height and length for an exact fixation.
* Mosquito net for windows easy to install and remove which makes it ideal for flats, villas, apartments, etc.
* The frame is made of PVC in white or anthracite and the mesh is made of fiberglass.
* For its installation it is not necessary to drill.


Item Name
PVC magnetic adjustable window screen
PVC bars + magnetic strips + fiberglass mesh
90*120cm, 100*100cm, customized
Mesh Size
18*16, 20*20, customized
Frame Color
White, coffee, grey, black, grey, customized
Mesh Color
Grey, black
Packing Includes
PVC bars * 4pcs, magnetic strips * 4 pairs, fastener * 1 unit, fiberglass net * 1pc

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PVC & Magnetic strips + Fiberglass net


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