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Outdoor Grill Gazebo with Hook & Bar Counters

1. The pavilion is designed for use in all seasons. The powder-coated metal frame can easily withstand rust, corrosion and
improper wear, while the canopy helps to block ultraviolet rays, even in the hot summer. Feel comfortable. Equipped with a
double-layer top cover, which can achieve smoke exhaust and windproof. With two shelves, it can provide a convenient outdoor
workstation for cooking and preparing food. For anyone who is looking for a simple and modern barbecue pavilion, this product is a
wise choice, which can provide convenient mobile shade for commercial or leisure outdoor activities (such as backyard parties,
barbecues, yard sales, etc.).
2. The pavilion provides shade, and the pavilion canopy can provide you with plenty of shade and shelter in the hot sun and light
rain. The entire paviliona??s tent is large enough to accommodate 3-4 people. This product is an ideal choice for you to share
outdoor time with your family and friends.
3. The material is 100% polyester fiber, made of 180g strong polyester fiber and flame-retardant treated fabric, which can provide
you with a comfortable weatherproof coating. The water repellency of the fabric makes rain water fall easily, while providing UV
and fire protection. The metal frame is made of high-grade steel and coated with anti-rust material to ensure long-term
entertainment in the sun.
4. The tent includes 1 delicate bottle opener, 2 barbed wire tables, 10 hooks on the frame and 1 hook on the top of the middle,
and so on. Two shelves provide enough space for cooking, preparing food and placing drinks. The left shelf is equipped with
high-quality hooks, allowing you to hang glasses, plastic bags and other small items you may need.
5. The two-layer top is specially designed to increase wind resistance by emitting gusts to prevent wind. The smoke generated by
the barbecue is easily exhausted from the top to ensure that you and your family have a clean, smoke-free outdoor experience.
6. Use the accompanying clear step-by-step manual to easily complete the assembly.
7. Weight: 48 pounds

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